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sed on a universal conception of international relations, featuring the respect for differences in cultures and concepts, and coexistence in diversity. In that sense, Brazil and th

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summit. We have refocused the G8 on its strength, development, peace and of course global security challenges," said Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the G8 rotating pres

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f Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attending the State Funeral of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez held at the Military Academy, in Fort Tiuna, in Caracas, capital of Venezuela,

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d not even been initiated, Ordonez said. Moreno denied any wrong doing since taking office in 2008. BOGOTA, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Colombia's new defense minister Juan Carlos Pinzon Mo

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Monday as the Nobel committee was unaware of his death at the time. "Steinman passed away on September 30," the New York university said in a statement. "He was diagnosed with pan

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as take concrete steps toward denuclearization," Toner told reporters at a regular news briefing. Noting the talks are scheduled for Oct. 24-25, he said: "We're seeking to see if

五保户走访记录模板 -国外sp剧镜头

he middle of every month, we have to ask our members for more and more food donations to make sure that there's enough food," she told Xinhua. Many elderly Americans urged the U.S.