-- A total of 61 foreign delegations and 17 heads of state or government will attend the swearing-in ceremony of Venezuela's President-elect Nicolas Maduro on Friday, Venezuelan .

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g, on the sidewalk of a downtown street in San Francisco, when Mrs Florence Fang was a few steps away from her car, she heard a man's voice from behind: "Congratulations!" The 81-.

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n of the people on April 14 in a free and democratic election in accordance with Venezuela's constitution and law. Maduro was granted a red baton as a symbol of military command of.

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Brennan said the United States has taken steps to ensure past anti-terror failures are not repeated. Senior officials from departments and agencies met on Tuesday at the White Hou.

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trated by Brauchler. But King begged the jury to carefully consider Holmes' mental illness. "All the mental health experts told us that (Holmes) is schizophrenic and mentally ill,".

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y the Pakistani Taliban were "unfounded." New York local TV channel cites Kelly as saying that "although a Taliban bomb maker has claimed on the Internet that the car bomb was pla .

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illion from 1.9 million in 2010, imposing considerable strains on social security, healthcare and work force in the country, according to a UN study published by local media on S.

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the administration has had a comprehensive strategy." MEXICO CITY, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- Mexican authorities on Friday issued a storm warning for five southern states -- Quintana .

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ive years and was released in a Taliban-U.S. swap deal in May, has been allowed to venture off the Texas military base where he is receiving care as part of his "reintegration pro.

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